Products & Projects

iPrintFX — A web-based ERP software system for traditional and digital print manufacturers.

  • Provides a full set of application areas for managing day-to-day business activities including order receipt and tracking, scheduling, financial tools, shipping & receving, inventory management, and others.
  • Business-to-business (B2B) extensions that allow connections between customers and vendors in order to automate time-consuming tasks and provide increased visibility of information.
  • Automation of core services to give businesses a edge in a very competitive industry.
  • …and many other features.

    University of Pittsburgh: Ice Hockey CMS — Full-feature content management system (CMS) used by the University of Pittsburgh mens’ ice hockey team.  The software features a relational database back-end that captures very low-level detail.  Some of the key features include a news posting service, rosters, player profiles, schedules, and statistics.  The system allows digital score sheets to be created in a box score presentation similar to that found on or  The system was completed in 2004 and was handed over to the organization.  Maintenance and new features are currently handled by the team’s staff members. — The Hockey Wiki project was started in 2008 in hopes of providing better organization to the scattered ice hockey resources found on the Internet.  The website is powered by MediaWiki software and is hosted through a donation by Pocono Academy Systems, LLC.