Database Technology

String or binary data would be truncated

Dear SQL Server Team, This… …is about as useful as this… Please, please, provide more useful information as to which values and columns were involved. I mean, really, how hard would it be to provide this instead?… read more

SQL Server Windows Extension for Node.js

A colleague of mine has been doing a lot of work lately with Node.js and found that there wasn’t yet an extension to access Microsoft SQL Server from the Windows build.  His open source project – T-SQL FTW (For the Windows) – addresses that need.  His first working build yesterday is an API with methods...… read more

LINQ to SQL Extension Methods

LINQ to SQL is a powerful component of .NET, however, I often find myself duplicating the same code across projects. I created the following extension methods to make common operations easier to use. The class adds generic methods for Delete(), Save(), Exists(), and IsAttached(). The IsAttached() method is required to make sure that the data...… read more

Binding Entity Framework Navigation Properties

I’ve been playing around with Entity Framework since the release of .NET 4 and come across a few strange behaviors.  One of the most troublesome has been when attempting to bind a related entity to a column in an ASP.NET GridView control.  In the book Pro Entity Framework 4.0, the author suggestions handling the GridView’s...… read more

Sparse Columns in SQL Server 2008

The April 2010 edition of SQL Server Magazine has an article entitled “Efficient Data Management in SQL Server 2008, Part 1“.  The article introduces a new way to save storage space by using sparse columns.  As described by the author, Don Kiely, sparse columns allow SQL Server to manage storage of data more efficiently if...… read more