Software Development

Converting MHTML to HTML

I recently had a need to convert an MHTML file attachment into HTML text so that it could be used as the body of a notification service email. Initially I was overwhelmed by the nature of MHTML’s encoding and document structure. Eventually I settled on the following relatively compact LINQ statement: The idea is to...… read more

String or binary data would be truncated

Dear SQL Server Team, This… …is about as useful as this… Please, please, provide more useful information as to which values and columns were involved. I mean, really, how hard would it be to provide this instead?… read more

SQL Server Windows Extension for Node.js

A colleague of mine has been doing a lot of work lately with Node.js and found that there wasn’t yet an extension to access Microsoft SQL Server from the Windows build.  His open source project – T-SQL FTW (For the Windows) – addresses that need.  His first working build yesterday is an API with methods...… read more

Using LINQ “Contains” to Query WCF Data Services

Working on a client project recently I ran into a problem trying to query my WCF Data Service.  I get a list of counties from an ASP .NET MVC 2 application and need to find the matching members who live within those counties.  The obvious solution would be something like this: But wait! It seems...… read more